Designed for better.

Every product we create is designed with the user in mind. Intellimix® takes this a step further, resulting in a better than ever washroom experience, every time.

Clean hands. Clean design.

A modern, elegant, and effortless design solution gives architects and designers the opportunity to reflect their identity or building owners to feature their own branding via customisable display.

Coming soon.

For a greater degree of design flexibility, Intellimix will also be available in Black Onyx as well as a wall-mounted version. To guarantee quality and higher scratch resistance the Black Onyx models are coated with a thin film of PVD – a state-of-the-art process creating a molecular bond to the tap resulting in the most durable finish available today. With its bold colour and glossy finish, Black Onyx is a point of contrast and an on-trend option that allows more creative freedom.

Interested in using Intellimix® for your project?

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