When soap meets water.

Intellimix® makes total hygiene effortless with a timed delivery of water and soap from the same device. Its optimised wash cycle, that is 100% touch free, reduces the spread of bacteria and viruses

The days of separate soap dispensers – and all the maintenance headaches, hygiene deficiencies, and messy countertops they create – are over.

And the future of the washroom is here: personal, practical, and setting new standards of hygiene.


Washes hands properly. Every single time.

We all know that proper handwashing technique in the workplace protects people from infection and reduces illness and absenteeism – and is recommended by the WHO.

What’s less known is that proper handwashing doesn’t come naturally to people.

Intellimix makes it simple by delivering a programmable amount of soap and water for a complete wash cycle.


Proper hand hygiene reduces illness and improves productivity.

Around 30%

of Europeans don't use soap when washing their hands, after visiting the toilet.


International studies prove that correct hand hygiene reduces the number of people who get sick with illnesses or viruses by 31%.


of people don’t use soap or not enough water, enabling germs to spread more easily.


of the most common diseases are transmitted by touch.


Foam Soap

Our soap is infused with air to create a foamy lather that is automatically dispensed as part of the washing cycle. This ensures better hand hygiene with every wash, while also reducing the amount of soap used.


The water flows through a separate plastic tube which ensures that it never comes in contact with the soap or the brass body of the tap. This keeps the water nickel and lead free, ensuring it conforms with drinking water regulations. And, because we kept the diameter of the plastic tube small, the water flows faster – preventing the build-up of bacteria.

Stagnation Protection

A periodic flush is triggered automatically after a set time, rinsing the pipes to safeguard against bacteria growth and water contamination.

Totally Touchless

Place your hands under Intellimix® for automatic water flow and soap delivery. Take advantage of bluetooth and use the app to monitor data and adjust settings from a distance.

Proper hand hygiene is priceless. But you can save on your running costs.

Interested in using Intellimix® for your project?

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