Cost control made effortless.

Intellimix® makes controlling resources simple with its bespoke bluetooth-ready app. Change settings, monitor performance and make significant savings on water and soap.

App coming soon on iOS and Android.


Installation & management

EasyFix™ enables effortless installation, saving time and money on the initial set up. And with maintenance too. Intellimix means no more dripping soap dispensers.

With the App, you can adjust parameters and maintain Intellimix in seconds – receiving alerts when levels are low.

Intellimix saves hours of work, especially in larger buildings with multiple washrooms.

Save up to 80% on soap

Intellimix® mixes soap with air to create a soft foam that delivers a pleasant experience that is also economical.

The soap volume can be adjusted via the App from 0.3 to 5ml per use to give total control to the owner and so they can monitor how much is used. The soap is dispensed from a long life pump that has a tested lifespan of over 500.000 cycles.

Save up to 85% on water

Prevent waste with programmable flow stop duration. The 2l/min flow limiter brings significant cost savings as the table below shows.

Intellimix uses 85% less water when compared with standard single lever taps, when following the washing cycle recommended by the WHO.

Intellimix compared to standard taps with 5.8l/min flow rate Based on World Health Organisation handwashing cycle

Intellimix® does more than save money. It helps save the planet too.

Interested in using Intellimix® for your project?

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