100 years of hygiene heritage. And counting.

The daily practice of hygiene is exactly that, something which should improve day after day. At Ideal Standard, we’re incredibly proud to have played a leading role in that daily improvement for more than a century.

Today, we’re more aware than ever of the need to keep raising standards and creating new solutions that deliver superior hygiene.

Through our research and industry-leading products, we make it possible to deliver safer, better, washroom experiences.

To shape the future of modern living, together.

Our long history of innovation and world firsts.

2020 has shown the world how important hygiene is, first hand.


If you can’t see a virus, how can you be sure your hands are clean?

In uncertain times, people seek certainty. Certainty in cleanliness. Safety. Sustainability. Quality. And care.

Through our next generation hygiene solutions, Ideal Standard offers them that certainty. Effortlessly.

In today’s world, a little peace of mind goes a long way. A virus may be invisible, but great hygiene standards aren’t.

COVID-19 has seen massive behaviour change.

Leading to temporary solutions as we try to control the virus and cope with the 'new normal'.

Sphero® Maxi Urinal

Anti-splash geometry Mobile enabled Enhanced water coverage

AquaBlade® technology

Quieter hygienic flushing Less aerosols


New for 2021


When innovation meets intuition.

Our technologists work tirelessly to push the boundaries of what’s possible when it comes to design, engineering and invention.

We have already radically improved washroom hygiene through innovations such as AquaBlade® and the Sphero® urinal range - and are now redefining hand hygiene with Intellimix®.

The development of Intellimix® comes from our close examiniation of the users needs, working at the intersection of design and technology to find new ways to improve the users experience and make hand hygiene feel effortless.

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