Wall-hung bowl AquaBlade®: Strada II, Flush plate: Symfo™ NT1 in black glass, Vessel: Ipalyss® 55cm Furniture: Adapto console 120cm in light wood, Vessel mixer: Edge

Why choose ProSys®

It’s simple and hassle free to specify

ProSys provides specifiers with access to a co-ordinated, one stop solution for all a project’s components, from in-wall frames, to the cisterns through to the flush plates. Plus, of course the ceramic ware – all from Ideal Standard and Armitage Shanks, the UK’s leading names in sanitary ware manufacturer.

The widest choice

Together Ideal Standard and Armitage Shanks offer the largest selection of wall hung toilets, basins and urinals available in the UK, with the vast majority compatible with ProSys frames and cisterns. In addition the ProSys collection offers 50 variations of flush plate to meet any design requirement, residential or commercial.

Specify with total peace of mind

We can guarantee the performance of ProSys in your projects. All our Prosys cisterns and toilet frames are CE labelled as EN 14055 6L. Where applicable we can also supply a Declaration of Performance to EN 997 for combinations of our own cistern and/or frame and toilet bowl. For further information please contact Customer Service on +44 (0)1482 346461

Innovative water saving technology

Smart Valve

All ProSys cisterns are equipped with this innovative water saving technology. This special inlet valve can save up to 63 litres of water a week, which corresponds to a 12% reduction in water bills (Estimated 12% of total water bill based on 4 person household).

Water waste is avoided during flushing by only allowing water into the cistern after the flush valve is closed saving 0.5 litres per flush. SmartValve is a versatile product with reduced dimensions, a counter-pressure closing system, is quick filling and effective at any network pressure. The inlet valve is compliant with AUK1 water regulations.

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A history of expertise

We have sold over 5 million cisterns in 10 different countries in the last 50 years, which testifies the high-quality of our products which deliver peace of mind to our customers. It’s this expertise, especially in the manufacture of associated technical components such as flush mechanisms, that we bring to our In-wall solutions.

Reliability Guaranteed

We provide 10 years warranty on ProSys frames, 5 years on moving parts and tanks, and 2 years on flush plates. In addition parts availability is guaranteed for 25 years.


All of our products are thoroughly lab-tested during development, and undergo stress, endurance, noise and hydraulic testing. We follow strict processes of certification, including NF and WRAS, so that our customers are aware that our quality meets the highest standards.

European Construction Products Regulation Following the Construction Products Regulation CPR305/2013 all cisterns sold by Ideal Standard are CE marked and produced and tested according to the harmonised product standard EN14055. NF Certification Our products are tested for NF certification. This is a quality and safety benchmark widely recognised in Europe.

WRAS Ideal Standard products are tested according to WRAS requirements for the design, installation, operation and maintenance of plumbing systems, water fittings and appliances that use water, to prevent misuse, waste and contamination of drinking water. Noise control All our cisterns are classified to noise level 1, meeting the requirements of EN14124. Fire Safety All material components used by Ideal Standard to produce our cisterns are rated fire resistance class EI 120 conforming to EN13502-2:2016.