Time for better hygiene

We all know better than ever how important hand hygiene is to limit the spread of bacteria and prevent the transmission of viruses.

That’s why Sensorflow E touchless fittings are no longer an optional extra in washroom design - whether your project is refurbishment or new-build. They’re an essential key to reducing contact, protecting users, and promoting good health for everyone.


100% touchless

An infrared sensor is intentionally positioned close to the spout to detect hands perfectly and activate the flow of water – reducing contact, and limiting the spread of bacteria.

Optimised waterway

To minimise water stagnation and bacteria growth, Sensorflow has an optimised waterway which keeps the water volume inside the tap very low.

Designed to stay clean

The cylindrical shape of the tap and the fact that there are no edges or ridges make it much more difficult for dirt and limescale to settle. This helps to keep the tap itself but also the area around it clean and hygienic.

Ready to go touchless?

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