Time for an upgrade

Improved hygiene doesn’t have to come at the expense of ease and convenience. Sensorflow E gives you both.

Because Sensoflow E has been specifically designed for quick renovation, upgrading from manual or push-button taps is made simple. The new tap will fit in the existing tap hole and the integrated battery and solenoid valve mean Sensorflow E can be easily fitted into any washroom, even without an electricity connection.

Sensorflow E has been specifically developed for an effortless replacement of existing taps.


Quick installation

Pre-assembled components cut installation time and keep set up costs to a minimum.

Hassle-free maintainance

With the battery and solenoid connections integrated inside the body of the tap servicing can be done effortlessly through the front or top. And with standard Armitage Shanks service parts, any replacements are easy to source.

Long-life battery

Our high-quality lithium battery lasts for around 380.000 switching cycles which means it performs reliably for up to 5 years*. Furthermore, it can be easily replaced from the top of the basin without having to remove the entire tap.

*This is based on 200 uses per day and is approx. 30% better than competitor products that use AA type batteries.

Easy to clean

Cleaning is quick and easy thanks to a stream­line, cylindrical design that prevents water stagnation.


Made for any washroom

Every project has unique requirements, and Sensorflow E is ready to meet them. It is available in a choice of basin, wall and panel mounted models, and can be powered through a mains connection or an integrated battery. Whether you are planning to renovate an existing washroom or build a new one, Sensorflow E offers the perfect solution.

Ready to go touchless?

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